Benchmark your digital transformation initiatives and find out how you stack up against your municipal peers across Canada — all while uncovering opportunities to maximize cost savings, expedite service delivery, and respond more effectively to citizen needs.

We partnered with Municipal Information Systems Association to survey municipal leaders about the ongoing challenges, outcomes, and opportunities they face today related to digital transformation. Our 2023 Canadian Municipal Digital Transformation Benchmarking Report report includes interesting findings and deep insights to help you gauge and accelerate your progress.

Get the peace of mind and direction you need to move forward. Download the report and identify whether your transformation is on track compared to other Canadian municipalities.


In this report you will find:

  • The main focus areas of Canadian municipalities when it comes to digital transformation 
  • Their largest perceived barriers and challenges to success
  • The solutions they plan to pursue in order to reach their strategic goals
  • Capabilities where municipalities feel they are excelling 
  • Information about preferred platforms for productivity


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