Join MNP Digital's experts to learn how today's cloud technologies can support your business continuity efforts.

In this session, MNP Digital’s senior cloud architect and cloud principal consultant explain that the path forward for your cloud isn’t black and white, and that a number of tactics can be employed to mitigate risk and enhance efficiency long-term. We share real world experience and examples, as well as host a roundtable discussion to provide the insights and next steps needed to start preparing for the future today. 

Ideal for: Decision makers/leaders with a stake in business continuity of cloud services, architects/engineers responsible for business continuity, and anyone with an interest in cloud 

Workshop takeaways:

  • While cloud providers abstract many aspects of hardware management away from the customer, resiliency and recoverability of a workload are not guaranteed and require planning and ongoing attention.
  • An untested recovery solution is equivalent to no recovery solution.
  • Configurations should not be treated like data. Backup your data, automate your configuration.
  • Even though resiliency and recoverability have overlapping objectives of reducing downtime and increasing workload/platform availability, both are essential elements of business continuity.

Part 1: Planning for your cloud's future

MNP Digital's cloud architects cover the high-level concepts required to mitigate risk as you enhance your focus on business continuity.

Part 2: Panel discussion

Led by Principal Consultant Conan Lear, the group talks about what organizations can do to prepare for the future today.




Event Speakers - Dec 9


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