Join MNP Digital’s cloud specialists to find out how you can leverage the benefits of Azure SQL Databases, and manage costs in cloud migration.

In this session, our team dives into the inner workings of Azure SQL Databases and top considerations for migrating over to the Azure system. We will begin with an overview of Azure versus on-premises SQL Server databases, discuss selecting the right option for your workload, and cover key benefits and common cost challenges associated with cloud migration, highlighting best practices to manage and prevent cost overruns.

We’ll also be sharing real-world case studies that highlight the complexities you may face and pitfalls to avoid, and we’ll conclude with a roundtable discussion where you can ask your questions and get expert feedback in real time.

This session is ideal for: Executives, managers, and other business/IT decision makers who have a hand in cloud migration or oversight of technology budgets.


Session Overview

Part 1: Planning for your cloud's future

MNP Digital's cloud architects discuss the key benefits of Azure SQL Databases, best practices to minimize costs, how to plan and implement a migration successfully, and trends within the industry as it relates to enterprise customers.

Part 2: Panel discussion

Led by Conan Lear, Principal Consultant with MNP, the group talks about some of the common challenges that organizations encounter during the cloud journey and what organizations can do today to prepare for Azure cloud migration in the future.



 Magnus McCune Sr. Cloud Architect Panelist Raj Mandair Sr. Cloud Architect Panelist Arek Cetes Director, Cloud Solutions Panelist Conan Lear Principle Consultant Moderator

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